About Chris Humphrey


Chris is a researcher and policy consultant specializing in development finance and multilateral development banks. The focus of his interests is how development finance institutions and practices are evolving to adapt to a fast-changing geopolitical and economic context.

Currently Chris is senior scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology's Center for Development Cooperation (ETH-NADEL) and a research associate at the UK's Overseas Development Institute. He has completed high-level consultancies on strategy and operational policy with the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank, New Development Bank, Inter-Governmental Group of 24 and the Global Green Growth Institute, among others. He has advised several OECD governments on development policy, including Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

Prior to his current position, Chris worked in operations in the Latin America and Caribbean division of the World Bank (2001-2009) and consulted on loan operations with the African Development Bank (2009-2011). For eight years (1992-2000), he worked as a journalist covering political, economic and cultural issues in Latin America, based mainly in Mexico City.

Chris has a PhD in International Development from the London School of Economics (2013), a Masters in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University (2001) and a Bachelors in Political Science from Reed College (1991). He lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

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